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Designed specifically for M2M devices, these SIMs provide cellular 4G connectivity as a backup to keep your business functioning in case of interruptions to your regular broadband connection. Thanks to the high speeds of 4G networks, you can carry on as if nothing happened.


Roaming SIMs are able to access a number of different networks in order to provide the best connectivity for your device, allowing for a seamless experience.

Keep Your Business Running

Many business functions are dependent on internet connectivity, including customer-facing ones such as payment terminals. Interruptions in your internet service can be a cause for frustration, leading to poor customer experiences.


Devices with cellular failover are able to use these sims to maintain a network connection in case of service interruptions on the main broadband line, avoiding this situation and keeping your business running smoothly.

Cost Effective

Our specially designed M2M package is unique, providing SIMs for your hardware worldwide at great prices while reducing the need to shop around.

A Single Contract for All Your SIMs

Unifying your SIMs into one contract means less time spent paying multiple invoices, as well as giving you a single point of contact for all of your needs. 

Global Solutions

We can provide SIMs for your devices all around the world, simplifying your commitments and cutting out the time spent dealing with new suppliers in each different region.

Central Management System, M2M Roaming S

Simple, Powerful Management

Using our central management system, you can keep track of all of your M2M roaming SIMs and see reports on usage alongside as other key insights. Being able to instantly compare your SIMs across all of your sites is a valuable data stream for helping you and us to maximise your company’s network and its effectiveness.


Our experts can help you to manage your devices and diagnose connection issues with this portal, as well as offer advice on how to further streamline your network solutions or identify areas in need of improvement.

Complete Global Network Solutions

Pair our global M2M roaming SIMs with our award-winning hardware to create network solutions with added resilience and redundancy, while further simplifying your billing and reducing your I.T. commitments.


Our range of services allows us to create complete, bespoke solutions for businesses around the world who are looking for reliable cutting-edge technology with the flexibility to grow. Find out more about the other services we offer below.

Global Network Solutions from EvolveODM

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