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IWF - Internet Watch Foundation

IWF - Internet Watch Foundation

EvolveODM is a Member of the Internet Watch Foundation, the UK internet Hotline for anyone to report their exposure to online child sexual abuse imagery hosted anywhere in the world, non-photographic child sexual abuse images and criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK.

IWF was established in 1996 by the UK internet industry and works in partnership with the wider online industry, law enforcement, government, the education sector, charities, international partners and the public to minimise the availability of content within its remit. As a result of this self-regulatory approach, less than 1% of online child sexual abuse content has been hosted in the UK since 2003, down from 18% in 1997.

Through the online reporting system, the IWF helps the online industry combat abuse of its services through a ‘notice and takedown’ initiative by alerting them to criminal content within IWF’s remit on their systems and enabling the police to investigate those responsible. This self-regulatory partnership approach is widely recognised as a model of good practice in combating the abuse of technology for the dissemination of criminal online content.

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Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi

'Friendly WiFi’ is the world’s first accreditation scheme, designed to verify whether a business’ Public Wi-Fi service meets an industry standard, minimum level of filtering to block out access to pornographic and child abuse websites.

‘Friendly WiFi’ aims to help keep children and young people safe from viewing inappropriate material when logged into public Wi-Fi offered in cafes, shops, hotels and restaurants across the UK.

The UK’s main Wi-Fi providers have applied a minimum level of filtering across their standard public Wi-Fi offering to automatically block webpages known to the IWF (www.iwf.org.uk) that depict indecent images of children and advertisements for or links to such content, and also pornographic material.

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