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PCI DSS Compliance

If your business takes payments by card, you are legally responsible for meeting certain security standards in order to protect your customers’ data. Failing to meet these standards could lead to fines for your business or, worse, a data breach and irreparable damage to your reputation.


ODMSecure+ is our groundbreaking subscription service. It’s PCI Level 1 Visa Certified DSS compliant, giving businesses of all sizes the same security technology as the world’s largest banks. It can cut down on your workflow by automating the PCI Self-Assessment process, and is the only offering that includes fully-integrated Guest Wi-Fi.


How will ODMSecure Improve my Business?

Protect Your Customers and Your Business

Our PCI DSS solutions deliver the ultimate peace of mind with the minimum hassle. Your device will arrive on-site fully configured for your business, and monitors, manages, and protects your network as soon as it goes live.


Our ODMSecure+ service is a complete solution, giving your business protection with a single subscription. The flexible technology can be scaled to suit companies of any size, growing along with your business, and fits in easily with your business network.

How It Works

ODMSecure+ works alongside your existing network to provide data security, meaning an easy installation and minimal changes for your current setup. Our hardware allows for expansion into a wide range of other services, such as secure guest Wi-Fi, should you decide to upgrade your offering.

PCI Level 1 Certified

By subscribing to ODMSecure+, you will automatically meet your PCI DSS compliance criteria. What’s more, the ODMSecure+ service can automatically answer the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), reducing the work for your team.

Affordable Network Protection

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can benefit from a complete managed security system. ODMSecure+ has no hidden fees, and no need to waste money on hardware that needs replacing every other year. 

Vulnerable PCI Network
Protected PCI Network

Let's find out more...

Electronic Board

Cloud-Based Management

ODMSecure+ devices have no buttons to press or switches to flip; all device functions are controlled through a powerful software package that configures and manages each connection. Network administration and configuration can be done from anywhere with an active internet connection and a web browser.


The ODMSecure+ cloud Management System allows your devices to be managed remotely from anywhere in the world, allowing administrators to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot problems without needing to wait for them to perform a site visit.


This service contains powerful tools which provide information about conditions at the user end of the connection, helping problems to be solved quicker and, in turn, minimising potential downtime.


Deploying ODMSecure+ is easy: just log into the service, plug in a device, and you’re all set!

Seamless Integration

Using award-winning hardware, ODMSecure+ is the world’s only offering that includes optional fully-integrated Guest WiFiThe same small box that provides your 

PCI DSS compliant network security can be used to bring a secure, branded browsing experience to customers, increasing your marketing channels and providing valuable customer data for you.

This single unit is also able to provide your SD-WAN, alongside other functions. By offering a single, uniform piece of hardware around your business for this wide range of functions, you can drastically reduce your maintenance costs and hardware commitments, as well as making management quicker and easier.

Network Hub and Cable

The Importance of PCI Compliance

PCI DSS compliance is vital for businesses who want to be able to take payments via Chip and PIN. It’s a set of standards which must be met in order to protect payment data and shows that your business is taking the necessary steps to look after your customers. 


The penalties for failing to meet these standards can be severe. Not only might you face hefty fines, but a data breach can cause irreparable damage to your reputation, and may even lead to legal ramifications.


Ensure you’re protected by taking advantage of our decades of experience in the industry, and leave more of your time free to do what you do best.


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