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PCI DSS Compliance

Protect your Customer Data & the value of your brand

Businesses of all sizes have an obligation to protect the sensitive and confidential information entrusted to them, but doing so is difficult. The dynamic nature of business networks leaves them ever vulnerable. New devices connecting to the Internet, and equipment or software upgrades all introduce potential network weaknesses.

If you are a business and are connecting Chip & PIN or any other payment devices to your network, you are responsible for your own PCI Compliance. You could be at a huge risk to vulnerability, with devastating financial consequences to your business.


A perfect solution for small businesses with standalone payment terminals or simple payment networks, giving you a plug and play solution, helping you towards your PCI Compliance.


The best way to secure your business, lowering costs and reducing risk. This solution gives you enterprise-strength network security and management with auto population of the PCI DSS Self-Assessment.



How will ODMSecure Improve my Business?

ODMSecure can help reduce the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) by over 80%. It does this by helping merchants reduce their scope, manage their risk and protect their brand both quickly and cost effectively, thus reducing fines or non-compliance fees being imposed by the Acquiring Banks.


ODMSecure is an “out of the box”, network security solution, that gives your business the security it needs when it comes to PCI Compliance. 

  • Segregated your sensitive cardholder data and payment networks

  • Localises the payment activity within a secure closed network

  • Extends to all types of IP Payment Devices

  • Secure WiFi Network to enable WiFi Payment Devices to be used

  • Optional WiFi Hotspot for GDPR Compliant Public WiFi, driving footfall into your venue

Vulnerable PCI Network
Protected PCI Network


How will ODMSecure+ Improve my Business?

ODMSecure+ is a complete end-to-end managed network security service designed specifically to protect sensitive data systems (payments, health records, personal information, etc) along with all other Internet traffic.


As a cloud-based subscription service there is no need to invest in expensive equipment, software or additional personnel.


We watch over your company day and night, monitoring all network activity and proactively addressing and removing threats in real time.

  • Affordable, enterprise-strength network security and management

  • PCI DSS Compliance Auto-population of PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaires

  • Secure, encrytpted connections between business locations

  • Internet usage and performance reports

  • High availability, global redundancy, fast 3G/4G wireless backup connection

  • Worry-free maintenance with automatic software and compliance policy updates

  • Helps you address more than 97% of all PCI DSS obligations.

PCI Level 1 Certified Protection

ODMSecure+ is the world’s only PCI Level 1-Certified security service that doesn’t require a private network connection. Because of our certification, you as a subscriber automatically meet your PCI DSS compliance criteria. Furthermore, ODMSecure+ can automatically answer the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to attest that you’re continually meeting compliance requirements.

No Upfront Costs. No Hidden Fees. Unlike other managed security services, with ODMSecure+ you’re not wasting money on hardware that has to be upgraded every other year. ODMSecure+ is delivered as a subscription service. Your company will be protected with the same high level of network security and management that the world’s largest corporations and banks benefit from, but without the high cost and complexity. 

Affordable Network Protection
ODMSecure+ Cloud-Based Management

Perform network administration and configuration from anywhere. All you need is an active Internet connection and a web browser. 


ODMSecure+ devices have no buttons to press, or switches to flip; all device functions are controlled through a powerful software package that configures and manages each connection.

Drastically reduce the need for site visits using the ODMSecure+ Management System. Thanks to a unique communications protocol, our devices can be managed remotely, from anywhere in the world.


Administrators can log in and get complete visibility of all their network locations and connections, making it easy to assess and manage their network in one place.

With centralised remote access from the cloud, administrators can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot any network problems from afar.


The Central Management System also contains powerful tools that can provide information about conditions at the user end of a network connection, giving you a much better chance of fixing problems quicker and minimising potential downtime.

That’s why it’s so easy to deploy ODMSecure+; just log in to the secure website, plug in a device, and you’re all set.


Networks can be up and running in minutes.

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Vulnerable PCI Network