EvolveODM Delivers Distributed Enterprise SD-WANs for Global Brands on Mako Networks’ Cloud-Managed

One of our customers acquired a group of fuel retail locations and made the decision to include branded food-to-go convenience outlets at each one.

Our requirement was to securely connect all the new sites to the customer’s existing network, segment local network traffic and provide local cellular failover resilience.

Additionally, we needed to expand the networks to accommodate the new fuel dispensers and add other incremental services. All this needed to be performed seamlessly, quickly and with minimal operational impact on their business.

Our recommendation was to utilise the Mako PCI-certified and fully cloud-managed SD-WAN system. This has enabled us to deploy and securely connect retail locations worldwide and provides us with the ability to provide comprehensive remote management regardless of the Internet provider at each site.

The EvolveODM partnership with Mako Networks means we have access to the entire LAN/WAN infrastructure, including a range of Mako router/firewall appliances, VPN concentrators, managed switches and wireless access points that are exclusively managed via the Mako Central Management System (CMS). Featuring zero-touch deployment, all networking features can be managed remotely at any time and for any number of sites, which enables us to deploy an identical infrastructure bundle to remote sites worldwide and still customise each customer’s solution, as needed. This ability to centralize the setup and management of a global network was our top priority in selecting Mako Networks.

Furthermore, the Mako Networks’ PCI DSS certification was an important factor for us. The transferable compliance benefits of this security standard are mandatory for retail locations that accept credit card payments, adding security to our customers’ data centres and our Partner vendor networks.

At EvolveODM we are proud to maintain our own ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications and utilising the Mako technology supports us with this compliance. We also benefit from Mako’s flexibility and scalability enabling us to manage massive global networks where each individual location can be using a different type of WAN connection, creating a carrier-agnostic SD-WAN with traffic prioritisation and fully automated site-level failover, and with automated software and security updates we can greatly simplify network and security management to reduce costs and deployment times.

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