Public WiFi Sectors...

can vary from the small cafe or retail environment to larger locations.

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Pub & Hotel WiFi

Whether it’s the local pub quiz or spending a relaxing weekend away, everyone still wants connection with their wider circle of friends, to be able to access online information and benefit from on the spot, up to date deals.

With evolveODM you can discover who’s visited your venue and what they like about you, then supply them with on-demand branded news, promotions and relevant information to create your own branded community and marketing activity.

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An effective way of increasing your trading footfall
and keeping your customers longer.

Shopping / Retail WiFi

WiFi is currently one of the most talked about subjects in the Retail IT world and is an essential part of the Retail sector's multi channel offering.

Today’s ever changing and demanding consumer environment means that more and more of us are increasing our time online daily, looking for continued and easier access to information, special offers, the purchase of goods and interactive social networking.

Keep up to speed and give your customers connectivity by installing your own hotspot and increase the amount of exposure they have to your brand offering. Whilst capturing customer data, you also control what they see and what you communicate to them, pushing out ‘on-demand’ marketing messages.

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Capturing customer data and using the demographics
communicate your latest offers and promotions.

Restaurant WiFi

Let us serve up a little food for thought; allow your customers to engage with you and your brand through our secure Public WiFi solution. Dining out is more than a romantic meal for two or talking business over dinner – it’s about the experience.

Mobile use at your tables is on the increase, so take advantage and make sure you keep in touch with your customers. Our WiFi hotspots offer more than just connectivity, it enhances the whole customer experience and provides you with on-demand brand marketing opportunities.

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Serve up the finest WiFi...
and satisfy your customer's taste buds.

Outdoor WiFi

Standing on the street or seated in an audience, we can provide the perfect solution for larger scale Public WiFi locations and venues. Whether it's large scale outdoor events, stadia or a town/city centre location, we've already delivered similar projects successfully.

Our experienced team of technical installation specialists can advise you on 'best practice and connectivity issues'. With our help, you may also even be able to make your larger Public WiFi projects ‘self funding’.

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Between meetings in the city...
accessing important emails is a must.

Corporate WiFi

The security of your IT infrastructure is important and sharing this with business visitors via WiFi can be avoided.

Our WiFi solutions provide a totally separate physical network from your Internal corporate LAN's and are a fully managed, Legally Compliant Public/Guest WiFi facility, giving you total peace of mind.

Why take risks when you don’t need to, we can supply fully compliant WiFi solutions to suit your specific business environment needs.

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The security of your business' IT infrastructure is important
sharing this with guests via WiFi can be avoided.

Public Sector WiFi

Reliability and compliance is key in heavy traffic WiFi locations, but managing the facility is equally important, monitoring activity, filtering content and recording user data. With our fully managed service we take care of your WiFi hotspot, leaving you to get on with your business.

Once installed your WiFi hotspots and the data captured can be very valuable, so why not talk to us about how to make your WiFi projects ‘self funding’.

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