Public WiFi Installation...

We install legally compliant, reliable and secure public wifi hardware to provide customer and employee connectivity

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Certified Equipment

We always install Public WiFi hardware that is certified for commercial use, ensuring we provide your customers with the most reliable service possible.

Legally Compliant

We have designed our system to be fully compliant with both the Digital Economy Act and Data Protection Acts, which means you are covered by legal disclaimer obligations.

Content Filtering

We use content filtering in order to prevent undesirable content being shown to your customers, giving you peace of mind that everything is under control.

Remote Monitoring

We remotely monitor all of our Public WiFi hotspots and provide you with a real-time dashboard to allow you up to the minute information on your users.

Frontline Support

We provide frontĀ­line support to both you and your customers via a dedicated technical support line, making sure you can always get a online.


Full maintenance cover is offered for your Public WiFi equipment, that way if anything goes wrong we're always there to fix it.

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